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Valtio helps your business securely
collect & manage sensitive customer data
Access customer data without needing to store and secure it yourself, and take your business to the next level.
Request the Data You Need
Do you need to collect sensitive documents from your customers, and not sure where to start? Valtio can help you request, collect and organize everything your business needs. From government identification to proof of insurance, Valtio has you covered.
Valtio Will Do the Heavy Lifting
Are you tired of complex, expensive solutions? Through our secure app, your customers or members can securely store and share their data with you in seconds. Subscribe to Valtio and let your business get back to... business.
Keep your customer's data safe.
The easiest way to secure your customer’s data is not to have it all. Thanks to Valtio’s data sharing & consent model, your customer’s data stays safe and compliant. Subscribe today and put your security and privacy compliance on “easy mode”.

Would you like to see Valtio in action?

Our dedication to protecting your security and privacy

Our mission at Valtio is to protect everyone's right to privacy and security. Valtio is committed to assisting businesses in protecting the information that matters most to them and their customers.

Because security and privacy go hand in hand, Valtio has built bank-grade security measures and encryption into our entire platform. As we improve our security, we’ll keep you informed via our security page.

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